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CAMPLA is being developed at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland by an interdisciplinary team. It stands for “Cloud Assessment Management Platform”. Together with the Lernstick, CAMPLA forms a complete system for performing digital exams.

The goal is to give lecturers the opportunity to use students’ notebooks (Bring Your Own Device) to give on-site e-exams (e-assessments) new possibilities for competency-based testing. Skills developed in class on students’ own devices should be able to be validated as seamlessly as possible with a competency assessment. Students appreciate e-assessments with CAMPLA/Lernstick because it allows for electronic examination formats that are closer to (working) reality and are paperless. In addition, by using the CAMPLA platform (without Lernstick), equal conditions regarding software (and software licenses) can be created for all students already during the course. Formative testing at certain points during the semester is also possible via CAMPLA without the use of the Lernstick. The lecturers have the possibility to create exams online with different templates. There is no need to distribute and print exams. When the exam is completed, the results can be downloaded by the lecturer and evaluated directly.

CAMPLA offers the possibility to take exams with or without documents. The students have the possibility to upload their own documents to CAMPLA before the exam. These must be checked and accepted by the lecturers. Afterwards, the documents are available during the exam.

Figure 1 shows the structure of the CAMPLA infrastructure. During an examination, the Lernstick is started on the students’ devices which is a Linux based operating system. In this environment, students log in to CAMPLA via the web browser. After entering the code for their exam, they connect to a virtual computer in the cloud. This computer runs Windows with the required programs for the exam. This is also where the exam, the lecturer’s exam materials, and the student’s materials, if they have been pre-approved and uploaded, can be found.

Figure 1: CAMPLA system overview

Figure 1: CAMPLA system overview

The setup of the CAMPLA infrastructure in connection with the Lernstick serves to prevent fraud attempts. The connection to the Internet can be individually configured or fully disabled. This significantly hinders digital communication between students. By signing the files after the completion of an exam, the recourse security of the exam is ensured. In addition, work is being done on the possibility of securing the examination system used through the integrated security chip (TPM). This procedure is called Remote Attestation and ensures that the examination system started has not been tampered with. This again makes cheating during an exam much more difficult.

Use Cases

University Competences Tools/LMS State
School of Economics Economics students learn how to deal with data, can analyze them with suitable tools for business analysis and make data-driven decisions. Power Bi, Excel Already conducted with CAMPLA/Lernstick
School of Life Sciences Students in the School of Life Sciences can take pictures from a microscope and other imaging techniques and evaluate them. Matlab, Moodle Already conducted with CAMPLA/Lernstick
School of Education Students of the School of Education can take reading, listening and and speech comprehension tests at their own pace (i.e. asynchronous start/stop of audio and video sequences). Moodle (reading, speaking, listening) Already conducted with CAMPLA/Lernstick
School of Engineering Engineering students can model real electronic circuits and simulate them.

Students can be tested on programming with Java or Python.

Matlab, Scilab

OpenJDK, IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code resp. Anaconda, Spyder, Jupyter, VS Code
Already conducted with CAMPLA/Lernstick
Academy of Art and Design Students of the Academy of Art and Design can create specifically image material and develop them further. Image manipulation software Idea for CAMPLA/Lernstick
Academy of Music Students of the Academy of Music can compose a fitting jingle to a specific theme Audio recording and processing software Idea for CAMPLA/Lernstick

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